Trap Quest Download R13 v1.0 Overview:

Explore a dangerous world of transformation, penetration and bimbofication. 18+ only!​

Game Updated: 2021-03-05
Release Date: 2021-03-02
Developer: Aika developer in patreonPatreon
Censored: No
CategoryAdult PC Games Download
Version: Release 13 v1.0 Hotfix*
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

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Trap Quest Download Changelog [R13 v1.0] :

To unlock the content (including the ability to use ‘debug’):

1) Download the attached gblorb file into the same folder as Trap Quest Download.
2) Open this file with your interpreter as if it was a game. For most of you, this means opening it with Git.exe.
3) You’re done! ‘Debug’ should now work in the main game, and this is the best way to check that the file is working correctly.

After using this file you do NOT need to also use the beta unlock file; the alpha file unlocks everything.
In fact using the beta unlock file will override what you’ve done here and prevent the use of debug commands.

This file of trap quest download will not work on any versions of the game published before May 2019.

To update the file in the middle of a playthrough, type ‘update donators file’.

Release 13 v1.0 (Hotfix Too)

  • Aika: Changes to the Slut School!
    • You can now attend as many lessons as you like in a row, so you can speed through the subquest if you fancy. Reasons NOT to do so include:
      • Time still works weirdly in the school. You won’t be able to refresh the crafting bowls, keep attempting to remove glued clothing, and all that sort of stuff while you remain in the region.
      • Several classes have been reworked to be more punishing or more difficult to get promoted in if you are not slutty enough for them.
        • Roulette lesson: You don’t get promoted for losing.
        • Kissing lesson: You don’t get promoted if Angela makes you cum.
        • Heels lesson: No change to promotion, but the punishment for losing is now getting stuck in the heels.
        • Make up lesson: No longer promoted at the end of lessons – you have to return and get the lesson again with high make up to get promoted. And also, if you refuse to change your make up level at all, you get locked in the lipstick collar.
        • Skirt lesson: Currently unchanged but I might end up doing something different with the curtsey hypno you get for wearing a long skirt into the lesson.
        • Tits lesson: Unchanged.
        • Plug lesson: Upgraded from emerald rank to ruby. Except for that, it’s unchanged, except for the change from cursed to glued.
        • Bondage / piercing lesson: Upgraded from emerald rank to ruby. If you return to class too soon after being put in bondage, you will just be told you haven’t been wearing the bondage for long enough yet.
        • Eating competition: Unchanged for now.
        • ‘Practical’ (sex) lesson: Upgraded from ruby rank to pink diamond rank. Also, each time you perform an act other than handjob, a level of ‘enthusiasm’ is determined by your relevant addiction stat, slightly increased or decreased depending on arousal. If you’re not addicted enough, and/or get unlucky, you will fail to make it look like you’re enjoying yourself and that will earn you a punishment.
        • Swimming lesson: other students are slightly less likely to keep hold of weights that aren’t theirs.
        • Friend betrayal hypnosis lesson: The number of times you are forced to betray your friends before the hypnosis wears off depends on your total magic power. If you already have at least 1 tattoo, then if you refuse the hypnosis you get given the demongirl tattoo which gives +1 sex addiction and +1 delicateness.
        • A new pure diamond (final) lesson: The Pledges
          • Always appears first (i.e. the first time you go to class will always be this, and after this it will always be the gangbang)
          • You are going to be making pledges that will either punish you for choosing non-slutty options in the future, or make you automatically choose slutty options.
          • You will have to make 2 or 3 random pledges of varying severity (you don’t know if it’s going to be 2 or 3 until after the 2nd pledge).
          • You can resist against one pledge, so essentially you have a single veto.
          • You can always stand up and abandon the lesson rather than accepting a pledge, i.e. if you’ve already used a veto but don’t want to accept a pledge.
          • If you do stand up you don’t get promoted which means you’ll have to do the blindfolded gangbang lesson instead.
    • Each time you get promoted, one teacher disappears from the school, making the boss battle to rescue the princess easier.
    • Students now disappear when they reach whatever rank was their original ‘goal’, and new ones appear to replace them. This happens just before class starts, not just after class ends, so this means you always have time to see the promoted students one last time before they disappear at your next class.
    • One-on-one bullying sessions with your peers now have a better system for random selection, and the more ‘extreme’ bullying such as peeing on you can only happen if they a high enough rank (i.e. perverted enough). Includes some new bullying moves:
      • Forcefeed – Low ranks make you eat a candy corn, triggering its random array of punishments. Higher ranks make you drink a potion, which increases the size of your ass, tits and lips if able.
      • [A2M] She makes you eat her ass. Humiliate yourself by putting your tongue up there to make her happier with you. If you do, and you have full a2m enabled, she may have an extra surprise for you, depending on her rank and a random number.
    • The Princess is now more worth rescuing because she does a few more nice things:
      • Ask her for a drink and she’ll give you a random can with a good effect, unless there are too many cans already in the game universe.
      • She can fully replenish your magic power reserves at any time.
      • Once only, she will increase your total magic power, and also give +1 to every item of clothing you’re wearing.
      • She has a unique skill she can teach you – you get a permanent passive +1 to dice size when zapping enemies with ranged weapons.
      • If you are in combat with a royal guard or shopkeeper she will tell make them friendly again.
    • Warp portals only glitch and send you to the mansion or hotel if you get an unlucky roll, as well as all the previous requirements (i.e. you haven’t discovered that warp portal yet).
    • Added a framework for dealing with edge cases where there aren’t enough students of your rank to run any normal lessons. If there’s no appropriate special event coded yet, you’ll just get automatically promoted, for now.
      • Ruby students who can’t get a normal lesson get taken to the gloryhole for oral assessment.
    • ‘Missy’, the tryhard student who pours water on herself, has recieved the Owlcan treatment and is now all drawn and beautiful and changes appearance as she ranks up.
    • Changed the name to Slut Academy to reduce association with the place that minors go to learn and make it more clear that everyone is 18+.
  • Aika: Changes to how clothing that covers your hands works.
    • Hand covering tops and gloves DO clash with each other, i.e. they can’t be worn at the same time.
    • However, neither hand covering tops or gloves clash with hand-held weapons / items any more, except some specific mitten-like gloves that prevent the proper gripping that would be required.
    • Hand covering tops and gloves now (usually) give +1 to unarmed slap damage (+2 if blessed). Mitten-like gloves usually give a negative modifier; the amount depending on just how much they render your slaps ineffective (e.g. -4, or -3 if blessed).
  • Aika: Changes to slap attacks, because I’ve never liked how if your slap attack is your strongest attack, the best strategy is to just never do anything but slap!
    • Humanoid intelligent NPCs (and a few others) now have a chance of grabbing your wrist whenever you perform a slap attack.
    • The chance is based on their difficulty level, but quickly increases the number of turns you slap them in a row, without them taking damage from another type of attack (or an allied NPC).
      • Robots can also grab your arms, and their bonus from multiple slaps in a row increases twice as fast as humans.
    • When your wrist is grabbed, you can no longer slap or zap wands.
    • Using resist will give a you a strength-based chance of escaping the grip immediately. Or, you can continue to attack with your legs / magic spells.
    • After 2 – 8 turns (with shorter numbers of turns more likely than larger numbers of turns), you’ll automatically be released.
  • Aika: A new setting – Combat Speed, which is changeable for free inside the new top-level submenu “GAME FLOW SETTINGS”:
    • Essentially, you can change how quickly combat goes. Changing from FAST to SLOWER causes the below things to double:
      • Enemy HP
      • How often enemies miss
      • How many turns it takes for damaging effects such as the demoness’s floor heat attack to cause damage
      • How often enemies decide NOT to perform a trip attack after considering it
      • How often enemies succeed at blocking your movement
      • Damage from consumable items e.g. bombs
      • Number of times you can use magic weapons before you run out of magic power
      • When you are in combat, there is also a 50% chance that all NPCs not in your location and not already interested in you have their turn skipped – this is to mitigate against the increased likelihood of additional enemies stumbling across you while you are fighting.
    • Changing from SLOWER to VERY SLOW causes them to triple instead of double.
    • The default is SLOWER, so if you preferred the fast feel of combat, you’ll need to go change this back to FAST.
  • Aika: A new NPC type – the “doomed” adventurer.
    • How they appear depends on fetishes:
      • If you have tentacles and inhuman pregnancies enabled, the four adventurers are the women trap quest download in the four tentacle breeders in the game world. When the breeder is purified, the adventurer is freed and able to return to her adventure.
      • Otherwise, they appear from certain events:
        • Dungeon: The explorer appears when you get the scene where the prison guard drags you to the prison cell for punishment.
        • Woods: The explorer appears when you enter the lake while no other NPCs are in the region and/or following you.
        • Mansion: When you walk past the Iron Maiden (which is now in the mansion, see the mansion section of the changelist) after having been in it once already, she will fall out.
        • Hotel: When you fail to escape the hole-in-the-wall early, she will rescue you instead of the robobellboy, if she hasn’t been spawned yet.
    • These women never fight you. If you attack them, they’ll just start running away from you whenever they see you.
    • The first time they are banished, they simply go to the next region. If they are in the Woods, they go to the Hotel. If they are elsewhere, they go to the Woods.
      • The second banish turns them into a full-on whore, who works for the pimp. They take up residence at a hotel bed. You can no longer use this hotel bed. Attacking them will cause the pimp to appear, furious with you and ready for combat.
    • A bit like the existing scene between the royal guard and the wench (and a few others), if they meet certain NPCs while you are in the same location, a cutscene can occur. This usually results in the adventurer being banished, and getting sluttier. Currently the NPCs that do this are:
      • Royal Guards
      • Djinn
      • Pimp
      • Herald
  • Aika: Lots of changes to the mansion to try and help balance it and make it a more interesting place to go.
    • Doom quest changes:
      • There’s only one chanting cultist at the altar to start with.
        • It used to be that a new one spawned at regular intervals, but this is no longer the case.
        • Certain NPCs, e.g. wenches, aeromancers and adventurers, can be captured by the cultists and converted into one of the ‘blessed’ chanting cultists performing the ritual, after you banish them from their region of origin. This cutscene occurs as soon as possible when you are near the mansion entrance and the ritual has not yet started, or if the ritual has started, it happens randomly from anywhere.
      • If Game Hates You is disabled, the ritual doesn’t start until you’ve discovered the mansion and then one of the following happens:
        • You attack the clairvoyant cultist
        • You enter the room with the hidden altar (or are dragged there)
        • You go near the mansion entrance while a ‘convertable’ NPC has been banished.
        • A student gets promoted as far as they’re comfortable going, or gets so upset with you that they quit.
      • Elder altar changes – you can present items of clothing to the altar (actually you always could, but now you have a good reason).
        • If it is ‘normal’, i.e. it can get +1 and -1 and so on, then itwill gain +1 and slightly progress the ritual. However if its positive modifier is too high already, there is a high chance it will instead just evaporate.
        • Cursed items are always consumed and significantly progress the ritual. Still, that can get you out of a tight spot.
        • Everything else is just consumed. A useful way to escape from locked and glued items.
      • Deep one changes!
        • After he has spawned he now wanders around, as long as there are cultists performing the ritual. The good news is that means that if he’s in a far part of the mansion when you’re smacking the cultists, you can get a lot of hits in before he turns up. The bad news is that means he can keep finding you.
        • Every time he punishes you or you defeat him, he gets permanently weaker the next time he shows up.
      • There’s some more Bad Stuff when the Doom ritual completes:
        • A particularly scary gladiator appears in the dungeon.
        • A particularly scary mannequin (goth mannequin) appears in the woods.
        • While the herald is alive and the player is not the cultst class:
          • Severely decreased luck – your chance of getting unlucky (on average) goes from about 25% to 50% and your chance of getting lucky (on average) goes from about 25% to 0%.
            • Remember these numbers fluctuate a little based on recent die rolls, so you may actually still manage to get lucky, very rarely, or with the use of bonus luck effects.
          • The dungeon altar can’t be used (even when you are the cultist!)
          • One in four times some specific NPCs meet you (and are friendly), you’ll become aroused and the NPC will turn unfriendly and want to fuck.
    • The hellhound / puppy slave no longer ignores standing players and turns instantly aggressive against kneeling players. Instead he uses a more standard model of progressively getting more and more sexually interested in you the more slutty you appear. (There aren’t enough NPCs in the mansion that follow this standard formula! Can’t have you wandering around like a slut without consequences!)
      • When you’re looking pretty slutty but not enough for him to become instantly unfriendly this turn, he’ll always do a “grope” action.
    • There is now only one haunted mirror trap quest download (two with Game Hates You).
  • Aika: A few new (relatively) modest items of clothing:
    • dainty dress
    • turquoise briefs
  • Aika: The golem now has a higher chance of spawning the less thicc your body currently is, rather than the morethicc your body is, which makes more sense, since it’s supposed to spawn if you’re doing well, and what it wants to do is make you more thicc.
    • It’ll also now spawn slightly earlier in the game, on average, which makes sense given its new difficulty rating after the most recent rebalancing.
    • It is, however, now completely immune to magic.
    • At first, it no longer attacks on sight. Instead it only wakes up when you attack it or try to get past it to use the stairs it is guarding. (But if you somehow leave it alone for ages, it will begin to attack on sight).
  • Aika: A few more ways that NPCs can gain combat levels (and therefore unlock the special attacks that MG is coding for them):
    • Once in a short while, if the fairy witch is in a location with you and another NPC, she will give the NPC +1 level.
    • Most ‘hostile’ interactions between two NPCs (e.g. guard and wench, aeromancer and fairy) gives +1 level to the dominant NPC.
  • Aika: When you defeat the prison guard and demand an item, he now always gives you the skeleton key unless you have it already.
  • Aika: Changes to the hole in the wall – you can now ‘resist’ for a dexterity-based chance to escape. The chance of getting the gangbang train event increases the more you resist – if you don’t resist at all, you won’t get that scene, and will eventually get rescued as before.
  • Aika: You can now use the hotel knife to (attempt to) cut something that is binding your wrists behind your back.
  • Aika: [Tentacle monsters] lowered the rate at which tentacle monsters spawn, especially in the hotel and mansion regions.
  • Aika: Wearing underwear or similar items that would be able to keep your clitoris lead all coiled up inside it prevents NPCs from using it to subdue you.
  • Aika: A fully bimbofied Barbara (Bambi) can feed you semen, if you ask her for help when hungry or thirsty.
  • Aika: The pullstring collar now comes off after 4 to 7 pulls, regardless of who pulls it. However for those sluts out there who just want to play full bimbo, you can now put it back on whenever you want.
  • Aika: Changed how which ring you get offered for proposals work for the bride. The first one will always be sapphire, and then the maximum value of the ring they can choose goes up each time you are proposed to and say no. However each proposing NPC also has his own maximum ring value he’ll offer you, which depends on his combat rating.
  • Aika: [Tentacle monsters] changed the conditions for the magical girl class again.
    • Now the hairpin spawns when you purify a breeder.
    • To get the ‘good’ quest completion (pure diamond ring) you need to cleanse an entire region of its tentacled enemies (includes mind flayer and vine boss).
    • Every time you banish one, you’ll get told the list of everything still in the region that’s left to go. To get the ‘bad’ quest completion (which now only gives a sapphire ring), just like before you just need to have met a tentacle monster of each size. This means gaining enough magic power that the big ones start to spawn, or getting fucked by small ones so they turn into large and massive ones.
  • Aika: [Pregnancy] Extreme pregnancies is no longer walled behind extreme proportions fetish. Instead it is a fourth option when the game asks you what kind of pregnancies you are into.
  • MG: NPC that gain new abilities as they level up will now peak after reaching their base level + 2. Here’s a list of NPC’s that are affected, plus refreshers on what hasn’t changed.
    • [Air inflation] Aeromancer
      • At level 6 (base), aeromancers periodically power up for a few turns, gaining extra health and a chance to do extra damage when they attack.
      • After reaching level 7, aeromancers will become immune to kicks while powered up.
      • After reaching level 8, aeromancers always do extra damage when they attack. (Happens earlier)
    • Cultist
      • At level 7(base), cultists will periodically stop attacking and heal themselves.
      • At level 8, cultists do extra damage for a few turns after they’ve healed.
      • At level 9, cultists can temporarily summon a ghostly tentacle to knock you over. Avoided with dexterity. (Happens earlier)
      • The clairvoyant cultist always gets extra damage for a few turns after healing, and she can summon the ghostly tentacle to help her permanently.
    • Gargoyle
      • At level 11, the gargoyle can attack by scratching you, which can tear up your clothing or increase your delicateness depending on what you’re wearing. Avoided with dexterity.
      • At level 12, the gargoyle can try to grab you after being reduced below half health and hold you down for nearby monsters. Avoided with dexterity and strength, or by wearing ankle bondage or a skirt that isn’t pulled up. Much higher chance to happen if you kicked or kneed her last turn. (Happens earlier)
      • Also at level 12, the gargoyle will take flight after defeating you with less than half of her health. The following turn, she’ll try to carry you off to meet with the vampiress. Avoided with dexterity or by leaving the room. Much higher chance to happen if you’re standing up. (Happens earlier)
    • Gladiator
      • At level 7, gladiators switch out their wooden swords for metal ones, which gives them a chance to do extra damage.
      • Also at level 7, gladiators can try to slice off your clothing. Mostly bras. Only bras. Avoided with dexterity, or by making sure your bra is covered up.
      • At level 8, gladiators replace their metal swords with even higher quality ones, which always do extra damage. (Happens earlier)
      • The enlightened gladiator doesn’t have a sword, and doesn’t do extra damage or slice off your bras. Instead, she’ll try to disarm you. Avoided with dexterity.
    • Mannequin
      • At level 6, mannequins can stop attacking and stun or humiliate you by striking poses. Avoided with intelligence and by making sure you aren’t wearing a similar outfit.
      • At level 7, mannequins will sometimes use a dildo to fuck you after they’ve defeated you. (Happens earlier)
      • The goth mannequin won’t stop at stunning you and will force you to kneel instead.
    • Royal Guard
      • At level 7, royal guards switch out their tiny shield for a real one, which they periodically raise to become immune to slapping. The shield breaks after taking one hit.
      • At level 8, royal guards gain even better shields, which only break after taking several hits. (Happens earlier)
      • The prison guard always has a good shield, and in addition to slaps it makes him immune to magic.
    • Sex Doll
      • At level 4, sex dolls will periodically stop attacking for a turn and compress themselves a bit. If you kill them before they relax, they explode!
      • At level 5, sex dolls will end their compression with a powerful attack. Avoided with dexterity. (Happens earlier)
    • [A2M] Wench
      • At level 5, wenches can follow up on their attacks to make out with you and with bukkake enabled, do some cumswapping. Avoided with dexterity and strength.
      • Also at level 5, wenches can follow an attack by grabbing you, which will tire you out and with bukkake enabled, cover you with cum. Avoided with dexterity and strength.
      • At level 6, wenches can follow up on their attacks by kneeing you in the stomach. Avoided with dexterity and strength. (Happens earlier)
      • Also at level 6, wenches will try to drag you down with them when a guard catches you catfighting. (Happens earlier)
      • If a wench encounters you having sex with another wench, and both are level 6 or higher, the two of them will make you faint. (Happens earlier)
  • MG: Non-donators should now be able to find strapon dildoes in containers
  • MG: The mechanic, shopkeeper, minotaur and vampiress can now drop a strap-on dildo after being defeated.
  • MG: Unsuccessfully dominating the dominatrix can no longer cause her to put you in chastity if you defeated her outside the Sex Dungeon.
  • MG: The mechanic will now lose his wrench for a while after repairing a defeated robot.
  • MG: Repaired robots now increase in level based on the mechanic’s level, not on the number of times they have been repaired.
  • MG: [Watersports] The hellhound/puppy slave will sometimes gain a level if it encounters a puddle of urine anywhere.
  • MG: The demon lord will now repair any destroyed robots he encounters, granting them bonus levels.
  • MG: The demon lord now does 1 extra damage on every attack.
  • MG: [A2M] Wenches will now gain a level if your penis goes soft during sex.
  • MG: Being creampied by the deep one will now reduce your dignity a lot more.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the minotaur could grab you from inside his cage, ejaculate on you, and then immediately grab you again.
  • MG: Fixed some typos in the flavor text for the minotaur groping your butt.
  • MG: Fixed a small issue where the flavor for monsters removing chastity items described them pulling something out, which was kind of funky.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where deciding to spare the unicorn after dominating her would sometimes result in you doing the opposite
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the gargoyle’s tail-fuck session could only end if you were a livnig sex doll
  • MG: Fixed an issue where clothing wasn’t being displaced automatically when offering your penis for submissive sex.
  • MG: Fixed an issue the game would always assume the wench was sitting on your face when you tried to beg her for mercy.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the cat tail plug would force you to stand up if you kneeled on purpose in front of an unfriendly npc.
  • MG: The endgame stats will now include the number of quests you completed and your title when the game ended.
  • MG: Fixed a small issue where the wild gladiator wasn’t being clear enough when noticing you made her aggressive.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where swimming in the waterfall would sometimes not describe your position properly.
  • MG: [A2M] Fixed several typos that were showing up when the wench tried riding you.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where your penis wasn’t properly staying hard if you came early during sex with the demoness.
  • MG: Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not have a title
  • MG: Fixed a typo that would sometimes show up when a cultist summoned a ghost tentacle to attack you.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Fixed a bug where the description of the cowbell helping you avoid fatigue gains only appears when the cowbell was not worn instead of when it was worn.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where seducing and then immediately cancelling still caused NPCs in the room to react to the slutty behaviour.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some descriptions of a strap-on in trap quest download would have an inconsistent description of its size compared to its printed title.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some thongs could be described as mostly covering your butt cheeks.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the wooden horse trap quest download could have very weird interactions with other things that handle penetrating orifices at weird times, such as the portal hotpants.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where after teleporting away from the vine boss and out of the woods, vines could still appear beneath you and grab you.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where tube tops and similar clothing would get summoned underneath bras.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where you could interrupt and bug-out the scene where the mechanic facefucks Barbara by gifting him an item he wants.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the Djinn would fail to grant your wish of a suck of his cock if he had recently orgasmed.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the sex toy you are using to masturbate yourself with could “fall out” mid-masturbation.
  • Aika: Fixed a longstanding super annoying bug where fainting and some other rare effects could cause students and staff members to follow you out of the Slut School region.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where an incorrect reference pointer could cause tally tattoos to among other things fuck up your status bar.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where when a student was supposed to become more happy with you (and the narration described them as being pleased with you) they would sometimes actually be becoming less happy with you. Oops.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the chain trap quest download that sometimes occurs when using the lipstick collar to steal from the pedestals would immediately disappear if the vampiress was not already spawned.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where non-clothing items that NPCs tried to give you didn’t actually appear.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t choose which item a hungry bag of holding consumed if your hands were bound behind your back.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where headgear stopped you being counted as ‘naked’ (mostly flavour but also important for the puppy class).
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where wearing long skirts when you had a short skirt addiction wasn’t actually reducing strength.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where errors started popping up if you got more than 100 items of footage of yourself uploaded to the internet.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the weight loss potions could get stuck on the “You feel lighter!” line if the starting body shape setting was above minumum.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the throne’s hair cut always cut exactly 6 units of hair rather than always cutting hair down to 6 units.
  • Aika: Added some code to prevent weird rare cases where the caged minotaur gets teleported to a different room along with the player.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Fixed a bug where lactation from orgasms didn’t use the new fluid code which, among other things, prevented the milking harness from sucking up the milk and pumping it into your butt.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where worn gags weren’t banished to the pink wardrobe when a class headgear summoned a new gag into your mouth.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Fixed a bug where drinking milk from your own breasts (via the slimegirl skill) didn’t trigger punishments for players addicted to semen or urine.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the magic serving table that’s supposed to force you to crawl around until you’ve served enough drinks could just be removed.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where deciding to wait when you got a skirt snagged on foliage instead made you rip the skirt off.

Beta Testers:

  • Aika: The Extra Credit Zone is now accessible!
    • Return to the normal game world, wait until your armband beeps then attend at least one class. As long as you don’t have any usual status preventing you (e.g. glued or locked clothing), when you go to leave via the portal you’ll have the option to enter the Extra Credit Zone!
    • You’ll be dropped into a predicament in a carbon copy of your ‘real neighbourhood’ which can cause you significant humiliation if you are noticed by the residents as you try to sneak home. The extremity of your predicament depends on your academy rank.
    • Some predicament features and neighbourhood residents can take photos or videos of you. That media ends up on the ‘real internet’ which affects your ‘public disgrace’ stat, which doesn’t do too much now, but you can see these images played back to you on the security screens in the hotel which can raise humiliation.
    • During this time, all your old clothes, tattoos, piercings and make up are temporarily removed. They reappear on you at the end, except cursed clothing which instead turns up with the rest of your inventory on the ground at the end, but with a ‘stolen strength’ point which means that until you put it back on, you’ll be at -1 strength.
    • In the final room you have full freedom to readjust your outfit before you return to the academy (but only with your identified clothing). Even if you put on a cursed dress and forgot to put on your bra first, never fear, you can remove it temporarily again for that same penalty: -1 strength until you put it back on.
    • Waiting for you in the final room is a ‘trophy’. These can be ‘activated’ to change a rule in the main game universe. These tend to have both up-sides and downsides, for example spells cost less magic but summon a bit of semen inside your belly, or NPCs are much more willing to wear condoms but creampies are more addictive. Also, regardless of whether you activate the trophy or not, by having earned it, you are granted a permanent +1 bonus to luck rolls.
    • Also waiting for you in the final room will be a new bracelet, its jewellery type depending on your academy rank. If you already had two bracelets, your least valuable bracelet will have been upgraded if possible.
  • MG: Wenches will now run away from you if you have the barbarian class.
  • MG: After falling below half health, the barbarian class will sometimes reduce incoming damage by 1.
    • The lower your health gets, the higher your chances of avoiding damage.
  • MG: The rugged headband now causes you to gain arousal faster.
  • MG: After gaining the amulet, the mechanic will now do one extra damage on each attack (even if he misses)
  • MG: The mechanic will now lose his wrench for a while after repairing a defeated robot.
  • MG: Repaired robots now increase in difficulty based on the mechanic’s difficulty, not on the number of times they have been repaired.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the minotaur could grab you from inside his cage, ejaculate on you, and then immediately grab you again.
  • MG: Fixed some typos in the flavor text for the minotaur groping your butt.
  • MG: Fixed some text styling issues for the heavy club
  • MG: Fixed an issue where the divination skill was incorrectly described as helping with dominant sex
    • REFRESHER: The divination skill allows you to tell exactly what monster a summoning portal will release next. It can be learned from the witch once you’ve befriended her.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the divination skill was only working for the summoning circle in the dungeon.
  • MG: [Diapers] The matron will sometimes get fed up with combat and knock you down after counting down from 3.
    • You can avoid getting knocked down and punished if you run away in trap quest download
    • You can also interrupt her countdown by kicking her, but she’ll be pissed, so that’s not recommended.
  • MG: The hellhound/puppy slave can now attack you by spitting out a fireball. It always hits, and does a ton of damage.
    • [Bukkake] If the fireball hits a body part that’s covered in cum, you’ll avoid the damage and get dried off a little instead.
  • MG: The hotel variant of the wench should now be able to show up for beta level donators.
    • REMINDER: If you haven’t seen any wenches for a while, it is because they are walled behind the A2M fetish.
  • MG: Starting at level 7, robobellboys will sometimes use glue on the clothing they force onto you.
  • MG: Starting at level 8, robobellboys will periodically grab you and try to destroy some of your clothing
    • Don’t worry, if your clothes are slutty enough that the bellboy would give them to you, they’ll be left alone.
  • MG: Starting at level 8, robobutlers will sometimes attack by shooting you with a dart in trap quest download. If you get hit, you’ll gain some fatigue.
    • Starting at level 9, some darts will contain a poison that reduces your dexterity.
  • MG: Starting at level 7, robomaids will periodically blow out a cloud of aphrodesiacs. If your intelligence is too low, you’ll breathe them in.
  • MG: Starting at level 8, robomaids will also release some aphrodesiacs every turn.
  • MG: Starting at level 9, the robochef will periodically stop attacking and charge up a powerful attack for next turn.
    • Starting at level 10, this attack can stun you for a turn.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the heavy club was never actually increasing your dexterity at low health.
  • MG: The wrestler will sometimes grab you and pull off a stronger attack.
    • She can’t do this if you kneed or kicked her last turn.
    • Starting at level 9 (her base level is 8), this attack has a chance to stun you for a turn.
    • Starting at level 10, it can knock you over AND stun you for a turn.
    • REMINDER: The wrestler can sometimes gain levels after being dropped to half health
  • MG: Starting at level 10, the djinn can create a shield out of clouds to protect himself.
    • If you slap him while the shield is up, you’ll take a bit of damage.
    • Starting at level 11, the djinn can also teleport you somewhere else if you slap him through his barrier.
      • That is, if you don’t hit him hard enough to KO him.
  • MG: The dominatrix will now be harder to beat if you fight her in the Sex Dungeon (the room she starts out in)
    • Her riding crop will be replaced with a better one that increases delicateness when hitting exposed skin.
    • If the whip of domination is in her room, she can pick it up and sometimes use it to grab you after you slap or kick her.

Alpha Testers (February 2021 Unlock File):

  • Aika: Clothing window version now has lots of new art, most notably for a lots of the clothing that is unique to the Extra Credit Zone. Thank you Berri!
  • Aika: A new pink diamond lesson – ‘enema tag’. You are all running laps around the racetrack while full of cum, but when someone expels their massive anal creampie a masked man chases them down and fucks them unless they can keep away from him until someone else expels, at which point he changes focus to chase after them instead trap quest download. You can refill your semen enema at the start/finish line, to remove yourself from the list of people he’ll start chasing down again after he finishes catching and fucking his current target. To get promoted, you just have to make it through enough laps without abandoning the race. Strategic nuance comes from the fact that it’s easier to run without a full belly, and so perhaps it’s worth getting your creampie out early and hoping someone else expels soon after. Risky, though.
    • Art by Wishberri.
    • [Watersports] It’s piss, not semen.
      • [A2M] Also, assuming at least one person wins and at least one person quits, there’s a nasty punishment for the person that quit first. Can you guess what it is.
  • Aika: [Full A2M] A new pure diamond Extra Credit jointpredicament – the scissor lift weight retention game. You are raised up high on a platform with your predicament partner, both with bellies full of cum. The platform measures the weight on it, and if you lose too much net weight before the timer runs down, you get punished. Expelling your enemas will result in platform weight loss unless your partner puts their mouth to your bum and drinks it all down. Part of the fun automated punishment routine is an automated tour of the entire predicament zone (this too me way too long to code FML).
    • Art by Wishberri.
    • [Watersports] It’s piss instead of cum, and your bladders in trap quest download are also full to the point of bursting.
    • [Diapers] It’s a ruby ranked predicament rather than a pure diamond one. You can use diapers rather than each others’ mouths, but also the predicament lasts 24 hours intead of 30 minutes, which is a long time to spend surrounded by your used diapers. Perhaps it’d be better for your mental health if you threw them off the side…
  • Aika: [Female NPCs] The djinn and the pimp now have art, in the form of high quality sketches by Borvar. I dream of the day when he opens up full commissions again so that I can get them turned into full pieces.
  • Aika: [Clothing character window] A few items which have specific unique rear views (such as butt windows) now have a special ‘buttcam’ appear underneath you when worn. This is incomplete and currently only the following items have buttcams:
    • Fetish business dress
    • Black latex catsuit
    • (New item that can be applied to you by lingerie-clad mannequins) anal beads plug panties
  • Aika: [Lactation & Artificial enhancements] When you start a new Normal Game and select all your options, you’ll be offered a new setting that allows silicone-enhanced tits to store just as much milk as their natural fleshy counterparts.
  • Aika: A new option in Optional Text Settings allows you to get the game to tell you at the start of your epilogue that Nintendolls weren’t using the real internet at all, but just a fake simulated one. For people who complained that they didn’t like the storyline that their public reputation was ruined from compromising footage having been posted online. There is no gameplay impact.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where teleportation effects could allow you to keep trophies in your inventory past the final predicament room.
  • Aika: Fixed an unintended exploit where the shopkeeper would leave his shop unguarded after you denied his marriage proposal.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the portal pants and the portal hotpants would sometimes describe penises entering your orifices, even when references to penises should have been disabled.
  • MG: The deep one will sometimes stop attacking to croak at you.
    • If your intelligence is too low, you’ll lose some dignity and also experience a bit of stimulation
    • If Valleyhotep is already summoned, you will also be stunned trap quest download.
  • MG: The deep one will sometimes summon a lightning bolt to smite you.
    • if it hits you, you’ll feel some arousal and fatigue, similar to Valleyhotep’s attack.
    • if your intelligence is too low, you won’t get a chance to dodge.
      • if you get hit anyway, you’ll gain slightly less fatigue.
      • If Valleyhotep is already summoned, you’ll always be hit anyway


  • Aika: Wearing or removing jewellery, and unsuccessfully trying to cut something with the hotel knife, no longer causes the black latex hood to punish you.
  • Aika: [Lactation] Fixed a bug where the milking harness code was being applied for all milk movements. Oopsie doopsie.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where gladiators would hold you in the pink smoke until your breast reached the size she wants them to end up as overall. Rather than just letting them grow one or two cups and then being satisfied for now.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where various gloves were trap quest download turning up in the dungeon shop & containers.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the tutorial could be softlocked by becoming the bunny waitress.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where in the plug lesson, you couldn’t choose the last option.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where if you got lucky and the minotaur dropped a big old trap quest download, you didn’t also get the minotaur horn.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where the mansion altar didn’t consume the mystical amulet, but instead just gave it +1.
There are 6 different versions of trap quest download because there are 6 different character windows you can use. Look at sample image below to decide.

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