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This text which is now on its thirteenth edition, attempts to simplify for commerce students the Negotiable Instruments Law which is considered a complex and technical subject. Comprehensive in scope, it is also designed to meet the needs of law students as well as members of the bar and the bench and business executives.

It will be noticed that the authors did not limit themselves merely in explaining the law, giving illustrations, and citing or quoting judicial decisions and opinions of recognized writers on the subject to enable the student to attain understanding of difficult provisions. In many instances, they expressed their own opinions especially where there is a conflict of views.

The book also discusses at some length the Civil Code provisions on Documents of Title and the Warehouse Receipts 

STUDY GUIDE is provided at the end of every Chapter, or Section where the Chapter is divided into Sections. It has the following features:

1. The questions are designed primarily to test and further increase the understanding by the student of the provisions of law, not necessarily to prepare them for the CPA Examinations which are the objective type requiring the use of much space. 

2. The answers to some questions depend on the presence or absence of certain facts or circumstances which are not mentioned but which the student is supposed to know. 

3. The book already contains numerous examples not only to assist the student in the proper interpretation of the law but also to train him/her in the practical application of legal provisions in specific circumstances.

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the law on negotiable instruments book download

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