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Its 19th Century London, stablehand Wylie Petford has just suffered extreme tragedy. It is this tragedy that leads her to a magical device and her greater purpose. The alluring Dracosinum holds a key to her hidden heritage and opens the door for a fantastic future while leaving her love Lord Adrian in the past. The taking over of her hometown by the Villainous Lord Ukridge rips her from her closest friend and further destroys what little good is left in her life. Now, with the odds against her, she has one chance to become whom she is meant to be, escape her shackles and defeat the evil lord Ukridge. Get ready for steam-powered adventure in The Dragon Lady, an enchanting world full of corsets, mythical beasts, and dastardly villains.

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Angelique S. Anderson is an award-winning author, mom to four, and lover of all animals. With a passion for writing since she was old enough to read, and a love for all things dragons and magical, the Chronicles of Narnia was her inspiration for her first middle-grade focused books. Now, after several years of writing various fiction, and a love for all genres, she hopes to create worlds where all ages can find an escape. As a former foster child turned advocate, and against bullying, she tries to include bits and pieces of that in every story she writes. Her hope is that through her writing, people will find help, healing, and great storytelling.

Novel Updated: 07 Jul, 2020
Author: Angelique S. Anderson
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