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Game Updated: 2020-04-15

“TERA Classic” – Continuing the classic, regaining the original intention of MMORPG
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※ The content of this game involves “inappropriate language” – language that is generally indecent but has no bad metaphors. It is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the software classification method. Only people over 12 years old can use it.
※ Part of the content of this game needs to be paid separately.
※If you play for a long time, please pay attention to the usage time and avoid being addicted to the game.

Game Features:

{Perfect transplant, continue TERA classic}
Four races, invite you to return
Cute Irene, wait online
The epic grand story starts again
There is also a white lion mount, this time I will not miss it!
Continue the legend of TERA again and regain the touch of the year!

{FULL 3D creates a super majestic magical world}
Beyond PC original art quality
The sea is wide and the sky is super wide angle, realizing day and night change
It will also bring you a stunning visual experience on your mobile phone!

{Share the enemy and defend the honor of the guild}
Wild BOSS battle and guild brawl
Who will kill the BOSS? Who is the orange flower?
There are more 25V25 guild PVP waiting for you to fight
Come and defend the glory that belongs to our guild!

{Three major arena blood PVP}
Championship Competition, Glory Competition, Fearless Battlefield
There are fair combat competitions, and there are chaos fights
Say goodbye to boring and hanging up, the three major arenas will help you kill!

{High degree of freedom development system}
Crests, specializations, talents, runes…
Attribute points are freely allocated, and N training methods are available for you to choose
Refuse to be stereotyped and create your own personalized career!

{massive appearances show your beauty}
Hundreds of fashion mounts, with wings of various ethnicities
Flexible to wear without bumping into shirts
Rich expressions and actions will also bring you an excellent interactive experience!

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