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Planning revenge on your best friend’s ex for treating her like a tissue is good and all. But the popular good boy accidentally being the victim of it is not.

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Something Between Us

“There’s something between us, a sort of pull. Something you always do to me and I to you.”




Something Between Us is also available on Radish Fiction. It is under its wait-to-unlock model where you have to wait for an hour to unlock an episode or if you don’t want to wait then you can unlock it early using coins. The last 12 chapters do not have a wait time and need to be unlocked using coins.

These coins need to purchased or they can be earned through various ways like Radish’s daily coin challenge, the lucky draw, watching video ads (6 coins daily) or by inviting your friends to the site. You can also unlock a bunch of chapters at a discount.

By unlocking chapters with coins, you will be directly supporting me.

This book has been free on this site for more than four years now and will continue to remain on Wattpad and I felt like it would be nice to explore other fruitful options, especially in the time of this pandemic so if you can I’d really appreciate it if you’d choose to read it on Radish.

If not, I’m still very grateful to have you as a reader here. Happy reading!

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