My New Life REVAMP Download APK v0.82 Overview: 

You will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls.​

Game Updated: 2020-12-05
Release Date: 2020-12-03
Developer: Beggar of Net developer in patreonPatreon 
Censored: No
CategoryAdult Games
Version: 0.82
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English

My New Life REVAMP Download APK v0.82 Changelog: 

  • Maria full quest
  • Maria full interactive sex
  • Maria 6 dates
  • New Job Pinky Club
  • Interactive Sex with woman
  • Interactive Sex with another woman
  • Jet job redone
  • Add attic spy events
  • Add day events in old house
  • Now you can hide portraits of girls in new house “pressing Q”
  • Added new faces portraits in new style
  • Update some scenes in Gallery (not finished)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Incest Patch v0.8.2

Copy and extract to where game.exe is located.
Go to your garage and enter the garage storage. Click the stars at the locker.
If you are at new house (MC House), you can activate incest in your room, shown in picture.

Patch unlocks some scenes and new text that you cannot get in normal gameplay. Most scenes/text are located at first house, so I suggest you activate early on.

Note: If you have PC cheat mod , you don’t need the incest patch. Activate Incest via cheat menu.

Download [Incest Patch]

Screenshots:my new life revamp download

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My New Life REVAMP Download Dating Guide [v0.82]:

This is the complete list of all the dating answers I found in the game and on the forum.

Dating Beth:Dating Beth

Dating Beth:Dating Daisy

Dating Allison:Dating Allison

Dating Carol:Dating Carol


My New Life REVAMP Download CG RIP [v0.82]:

ripped the images from revamp version enjoy boys
also uploaded here the tool i used to decrypt rpgvmp images to PNG
@muttdoggy if u can add to the op the cg rip thank you
Link 1 Uploadheaven
(edited UPDATED TO 0.5)

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My New Life REVAMP Download SAVE & MAPS [v0.82]:

Things you should know before playing:
1. learn spanish and english. in that order
2. play in spanish mode. Is less buggy (not entirely but hey just work more)
3. martina institute = school
4. always check de B on your phone then (?) if you stuck with someting
5. on the same page you can click the portraits of the character you want then (?) to advance in that quest line
6. optimize your time doing miss taylor quest first. She give you special lessons on afternoon so you don’t have to wait much more to enter nesrot’s pub
7. heres the Map :My New Life REVAMP Map

Just sharing if no one make the detailed map yet. (taken & edited from game data) My New Life REVAMP Download Map 2Update Map Note :
– Add NPC names above their house numbers
– Add minor info for Phil’s bug location. (icon yellow butterfly)
– The parents name is just for trivia, I’ve not yet seen actual sex content with them, nor repeatable as the normal gals do.

I’m updating this map as I’m playing the game. Almost every female NPC can only be visited during afternoon (3PM / 15:00).

My New Life REVAMP Download PC Cheat Mod [v0.82]:

SoTN cheat mod for PC: v0.8.2
Don’t use mod with any new update or you will get bugs. Use only for specified version.

Any cheat suggestions to add, let me know.


Any cheat suggestions are welcome!!

  1. Add Money or Subtract
  2. Teleport – Home, School, Female homes, Male homes, Locations.
  3. Change Day & Time – Please be careful during ongoing missions
  4. Change player running speed
  5. Karma – good or bad
  6. Sex Skills – ability to play ALL resistance and sex skill scenes or just max skills without scenes
  7. Change name when you want.
  8. At Party: In the normal version, you will miss some party scenes. However, the PC Mod allows for all scenes to be shown. There are eight sex scenes with girls and one scene with Jason (relationship points must be high enough, meaning you have to do their individual quest-line before party to see the scenes). Best order is start from third floor >second > pool >first floor. (If you need to pass events, play poker, but this MAY cause you to not save sister from Christian)
  9. Remove password for Christian PC and show items you can take from house.
  10. Remove Maria password in kitchen.
  11. Otter Labs password is shown.
  12. School Pop Quiz answers are displayed in green color.
  13. Library event with Carol answers and books are shown.
  14. Police interrogation answers are shown.
  15. Activate or deactivate incest via cheat menu ( Go to Cheat Menu > more > Activate I*ce** )
  16. Relationship points shown from cheat menu
  17. Football minigame on Saturday removed.
  18. Escape from Ivy by just going down to the window where you enter the first place.
  19. Freeze/Unfreeze Countdown Timer.
  1. “Hide Text Box” was removed because it was added in BON v0.7.5 DLC update , press shift to hide text box
  2. Incest activate, relationship points, dating, new locations added
  3. All Jet Scenes for Resistance and Skills can be seen now without having to do package quest
  4. Football event easy and running
  5. Escape from Ivy easily
  6. Removed Date mods, will implement a better one soon
  7. Added Freeze/unfreeze timer countdown & updated to v0.7.8.1
  8. Fix the player movement speed.
  9. Updated for v0.8.1
  10. Updated for v0.8.2 and removed football minigame and includes shower bug fixed.

Install instructions:
Please read the features list to know what is included in mod.

  1. Download the mod zip file attach to post below.
  2. Copy the mod zip file to game directory (where Game.exe is located).
  3. Right click and extract the PC Cheat mod zip in the game directory. (It MUST ask to overwrite some files, click yes).
  4. Load up game and when in game press W (Phone) to see the cheat menu (Shown in picture below).
  5. Dont try to use cheat as soon as you start the game, play at least until you get the phone from Warren. (5mins into game)
  6. Still getting problems? – Check the favicon detail install instructions here with image.

My New Life REVAMP Download PC Cheat Mod

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