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JPDE is a fan-made visual novel created by Meinos Kaen. It is based in the world of RWBY, a popular web series created by Rooster Teeth. You are David di Kabegis, a strange newcomer to the world of Remnant who arrives through meteoric crash landing. Upon first awakening, with a dreadful case of amnesia, he encounters Penny Polendina, and from there, his adventure kicks off as he attends the notable Beacon Academy to train as a Huntsman with combat skills he is unaware of ever obtaining. The team is rounded out by their leader, Jacqueline B. Ivory, and Evelyn “Carrots” Damerot.​

Game Updated: 2021-02-05
Release Date: 2021-02-05
Developer: Meinos Kaen developer in patreonPatreon  discord faviconDiscord 
Censored: By Default (Use patches for lewd content)
CategoryAdult Games APK Download
Version: v0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian

JPDE Sonata of Fire Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Groping, Loli, Teasing, Transformation, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Humor, Monster, Parody, Romance, School setting, Superpowers, Multiple artists, Anime

JPDE Sonata of Fire Changelog [v3.6] :

Disclaimer – This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and RWBY are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

JPDE is a Visual Novel I’m coding, writing, scripting, and editing, based on the RWBY animated series. It’s a completely original story set during the timeline of V2 and V3 developed in RenPy and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android Phones. Depending on how many and which bonds you will have made during your semester at Beacon Academy, you may influence the ending of the storyline and even canon events from the show. I invite you to support the original release by Rooster Teeth.

Hallo thar, Meinos Kaen here with a smol update for you! Why smol? Because our beautiful Patrons, when asked, decided that they wanted all of Weiss’s Endgame in one release instead of breaking up Dance and Vytal Events in two releases.

What’s new in Sonata of Fire 3.6?


Just three things, really.

Titania’s 1st Date – Our blob-born amazon has now her first route event! This includes a CG Piece by the talented Sa-Dui, as always!

Pyrrha Nikos – Starfire (Teen Titans) Costume – You read that right. Red for red! And speaking of costumes…

Shopping Trick Fix – Some of the more entrepreneurial-minded players had found a little trick to get all the costumes in-game without spending money… That’s gone, now. :3

That’s it for this month! As always, notify us about any bugs on the community Discord, the best place to be for JPDE fans. :3 I invite you to support Team JPDE’s projects on our Patreon and to follow us on Twitter! Also, if you want to follow me personally, I have a new official Twitter account and a couple of personal projects coming…

Also, just to show you we are actually working on Weiss’s, here’s a little preview ;)


Screenshots:jpde sonata of fire download

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JPDE Sonata of Fire LEWD Patch [v13.0]:

Patch Instructions
1. Extract game.
2. Extract lewd patches to “/game/images/CG/Lewds”. Replacing the original placeholder images.
3. Run.
4. When you unlock the scroll in-game (cellphone), Call the number that says “Lewds” to enable that content.

Download Lewd Patches: favicon | mediafire favicon