Folder Lock Free Download (v7.9.1) Overview:

Folder lock crack for windows free for you. If you prefer file security, what makes you concerned? The files you save on your computer, or if the saved files are confidential documents. Folder Lock provides you with a quick, simple, and practical solution. Folder Lock is an application capable of completely hiding a specific directory. And thus use it to store your most confidential files securely. 

The index created with Folder Lock crack is entirely invisible. While it is locked, making it impossible to access its contents from Windows Explorer or even from DOS. The program also works not only with the files on your hard drive but also with the data stored on removable drives such as CDs, floppy disks, USB sticks, etc. You can download Folder Lock with Crack and Serial key from the link provided.

  • Folder Lock offers the fastest way to encrypt and password-protect files and folders.
  • You can choose to encrypt important files against access by technicians or block your files, photos, and private data from occasional users.
  • Folder Lock comes with lock, cryptography, fragmentation, theft mode, access attempt control, portability, plug & play support, historical cleanup, and more than 20 privacy features that meet the unique needs of people who want privacy and security.
  • Folder Lock ™ is a fast file cryptography software that is enabled to protect folders,
  • encrypt files and protect and block USB or CD / DVD drives.
  • The program supports all versions of Windows: Windows 7.0, Windows Vista, XP, and 2000, including 64-bit variants.
  • Folder Lock creates coded stores called ‘Lockers.’ You can keep them as many of your private files and protect them with a single click and password.
  • Lockers are portable, so you can transfer safely and make a backup or keep them on USB drives, CD / DVD, notebooks, and move them by e-mail.
  • These Lockers are “unbearable” on the computer.
  • You can create an unlimited amount of Lockers. Different users can create various Lockers with different passwords, as well.
  • With Folder Lock, you can choose to encrypt using 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption or lock files, folders, and drives anywhere on your computer.
  • Each Locker can contain its cryptographic files, as well as the list of its locked items.
  • Folder Lock comes with additional features such as follow-up cutting, stealth mode, automatic data protection fragmentation, autoplay support for portable USB, historical cleaning, and virtual keyboard.
  • This feature can increase file blocking and encryption in addition to any previously obtained achievements.
  • Also, a Locker cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted without the password, and this prevents the data loss.
  • The Folder Lock is the most downloaded File Encryption Software on the market, with more than 15 million downloads since its launch!

Game Published: 04 Dec, 2022
Developer: NewSoftwares
File Size: 3.9 MB
Category: Manager PC Games
Version: 7.9.1

Folder Lock System Requirements [v7.9.1] :

• 350MB free hard disk space required
• 350 MB of RAM space needed
• 256MB RAM required for XP users
• 800MHz Processor required

Folder Lock 7.9.1 Serial Keys Crack 2023

Folder Lock Free Download [v7.9.1] Links:

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IDM Crack Build 2 Changelog/Installation:


  • The new Folder Lock has full support for Windows 11 users in all the advanced manner.
  • This software plays speedy encryption. Within seconds, it could encrypt bulk information
  • Additionally, it offers a lot of answers for electricity customers and informal customers
  • Get notification from the toolbar about hiding safe file
  • Limitless space to keep your data
  • Improved password security to save data
  • Comprehensive file encryption
    1. Firstly, you need to download Crack from the link given below.
    2. Now eliminate the Folder Lock License Key.
    3. After that, run Keygen
    4. Then use a folder lock to activate Folder Lock Crack.
    5. Done.

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