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Contra Evolution is an action-packed 2D game where you would be fighting against invading forces in the jungle of South Africa as a soldier. There are multiple soldier characters to choose from and various levels.

Game Features:

Like the original game, you would be switching between phases, shooting at enemies, and avoiding their attacks. You would be moving forward while shooting at enemies towards your screen’s sides. However, unlike the classic Contra game, the character in Contra: Evolution automatically shoots without stopping. This means you’ll only have to focus on dodging, jumping, and utilizing your special skills. You kick-start things with a single bullet weapon, with additional weapons offering abundant power ups. The game gets spiced up every now and then with the over-the-shoulder, third-person level. With death, your weaponry would be reset to default. There are different levels, with the finale being the encounter with the boss.

contra evolution apk

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Bully Anniversary Edition Controls & Installation:

Being a mobile game, the controls are few and simple, which is good when things are touchscreen-based. Less controls means less clutter. There are basically three control schemes to choose from: thumb stick, classic d-pad, and movable thumbstick. If you have played Contra as a kid, you would feel nostalgic playing this game. And the way the various levels have been designed would certainly remind you of the very first game’s design in this franchise.

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