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Countless years after the destruction of Earth, the last survivors of humankind struggle for survival in the distant colony of Bona Dea.

Young psychic Axandra is the matriarch of the colony, and host to a powerful entity known only as the Goddess. Trying to protect the people she loves but reluctant to host the Goddess, Axandra struggles with her fate.

After discovering that she’s being used as a pawn between factions, Axandra begins to suspect a plot against her. But behind the scenes, an even greater power is at play, and soon the future of the whole colony is at stake.


★★★★★ – “A beautiful book that combines strong metaphysical elements with science fiction and romance.”

★★★★★ – “I particularly enjoyed the setting: a new utopia created on a distant planet by the descendants of interstellar refugees from a desolated earth.”

About the Author:

Elizabeth N. Love is an almost life-long resident of Kansas, where she grew up in what could be considered a cultural desert in a small rural town. Influenced by her mother’s love of books, she began writing stories at an early age.

She is not only an author, but a musician, having played French horn and piano for many years. Elizabeth holds a B.A. in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas, and a Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University. Though she lived in Hawaii for two years, she returned to Kansas with her family, where she works, writes, and lives.

She currently works at a large library system in Missouri managing the cataloging department. The commute gives her plenty of time to catch up on reading with audiobooks.

The sixth of seven children, she began writing fiction at an early age to set herself apart from her siblings. She uses the extensive variety of personalities and lifestyles of her family and friends as creative diving boards for her characters. She lives in Kansas.

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call of the goddess novel download

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